Where's Dick? - The Cartoon

All Singing, All Dancing, All Animated!

Screenplay and Lyrics by Michael Korie
Story by Michael Korie and Stewart Wallace,
based on their opera
Artwork by Doug Compton
Directed by Greg Ford

Inspired by detective fiction, film noir and vaudeville, Where's Dick? takes place over one long Christmas Eve in a crime-riddled metropolis.

In a series of misadventures, the wannabe hero Junior marries and loses his new sweetheart Fate Spritely, has sex with an albino gorilla, is kidnapped and held at a corrupt orphanage and eventually becomes a criminal celebrity himself when he commits murder and has his ''face in the papers, name up in lights.''

The first-ever animated opera answers the question ''Where's Dick?'' with the anti-anthem ''There's a Little Dick in All of Us.''



Samples as Audio and Video Files

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Simple Solution (Audio, 2:19)


A Little Dick in All of Us (Audio, 3:46)